Don’t let dirty concrete make its mark on your property! Pro-X Pressure Washing delivers a comprehensive concrete cleaning service that will transform your surfaces from an eyesore into an attraction.

Concrete Cleaning: Curb Appeal’s Secret Weapon

Your concrete surfaces and hardscapes are heavily trafficked areas. So it’s not a huge mystery why they become an eyesore. The real conundrum: how to erase the damage.

Pro-X Pressure Washing has the answer. Our power washing process is applied to your concrete cleaning to make them stand out for the right reasons. We have the industrial-grade service to provide top results in:

  • Driveway cleaning
  • Sidewalk cleaning
  • Entryway cleaning
  • Patio cleaning


Concrete Cleaning and Sealing Protection

Renew and Restore Your Property from the Ground Up

The foundation of curb appeal is built upon your hardscapes - literally! We help your property get its first impression off on the right foot with our industrial-grade power washing solution. Using this process we:

  • Remove stains, dirt, and other debris
  • Tackle grease, oil, and stubborn buildup
  • Remove, if needed, chewing gum
  • Wash away streaks and fading

Tough stains require a tough solution - and our technicians are up to the challenge. Your property deserves to get the best from its high visibility surfaces, and Pro-X Pressure Washing is here to help. Give us your eyesores and we’ll turn them into attractions!