Your roof isn’t just a significant investment: it’s your home’s biggest protector. Preserve your budget and your property with a professional roof cleaning solution from Pro-X Pressure Washing.

The ‘Eraser Effect’ for those Roof Stains

When you look up at your roof, are your eyes greeted by vertical black stains? There’s some bad news and good news with that. The bad: those stains are actively deteriorating your roof. The good: We can put a stop to the damage - and ramp up curb appeal in the process.

Our soft washing solution delivers exceptional cleaning power for your roof in a way that is safe, reliable, and meticulous. Through this process, we:

  • Remove algae, mold, or moss growth
  • Kill gloeocapsa magma, the bacteria responsible for those black stains
  • Brighten every single shingle

Our process is a safe, low-pressure form of power washing. Using a pressure no higher than 100psi, we can effectively restore your roof to its former glory - without putting your shingles in harm’s way.

A Champion for Your Roof

Every roof needs a little help to get by. And Pro-X Pressure Washing is proud to be the expert soft washing source for you and your property. Our team delivers a service that:

  • Invests in long-term success. We use top of the line soft washing equipment and earth-friendly cleaning products to set your roof up for a stain, bacteria, and fungi-free future.
  • Keeps your property in compliance with insurance companies. Otherwise, many policies have a cancellation caveat if your roof is not regularly maintained.
  • Will save you thousands of dollars. The alternative to a regularly cleaned roof is a roof replacement. We help you avoid this.

Pro-X Pressure Washing will bring a solution to your asphalt, cedar, and steel roof. Whether it needs a complete deep clean or a regular pick-me-up, you can always count on the best from our experts.