Hotels and HOAs. Community centers and multi-unit complexes. No matter where your pool calls home, one thing is certain - it’s an important part of your community.

Pro-X Pressure Washing ensures that your poolside is a space for safe and inviting fun. And we achieve this with our pool patio sealing solution!

Why Pool Patio Sealing Matters

You’ve invested a lot of money into a beautiful and welcoming pool. You want that impact to last, not crumble away.

Enter pool patio sealing. Our process locks in that “just installed” look, so you can retain the quality your outdoor area deserves. Using industry-grade sealant and the expertise of trained professionals, we:

  • Prevent UV damage: Sun might be great for a day by the pool - but it does a number on your patio. A sealant will prevent the surface from falling victim to discoloration and fading.
  • Prevent cracks and deterioration: Without protection, your patio surface will be vulnerable to degradation. With sealing, you can keep cracks and weed growth at arm’s length.
  • Prevent slipping: Just because your pool deck looks polished doesn’t mean that it has to feel Our sealant is slip-free to ensure that every swimmer can navigate the space safely.

Long-Term Results, Endless Ambience

Pool ownership requires its fair share of annual maintenance - and we don’t want to be part of the yearly burden. That’s why our pool sealant can keep your surface protected for up to a decade [based on industry average - is this factual for the product you use?]. Upon applying the sealant, you can count on:

  • A brighter and more polished-looking surface
  • Improved safety conditions for residents and visitors
  • Enduring results that preserve a safe environment

Whether people are swimming or sunbathing, they should do so in a welcoming and safe space. Your pool deserves the best care - and we deliver with our sealing solution!

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